Savings and Investments


Mountain Valley Bank... offers a comprehensive range of savings and investment services designed with your lifestyle in mind. Whatever your investment objective, Mountain Valley Bank has a variety of services to meet your needs. We will be happy to review your situation and recommend a program to help you meet your financial objectives.

At Mountain Valley Bank, each qualified deposit is insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC.





Earn a current market rate with insured safety by investing in Mountain Valley Bank’s Premier Money Market Account. Join the many people who have selected this account as an important investment for their personal needs.

High yield. With rates reflecting national money market trends, you’ll earn interest that is competitive with money market mutual funds and other money market accounts. Interest is compounded monthly, with higher collected balances earning higher interest rates.

You can open your Premier Money Market Account with as little as $5,000. Additional deposits can be made at any time, with interest paid based on collected balances.*

See or call your personal banker for details and current rates.

You will not be subject to any service charges or penalty fees should your collected balance fall below $5,000.* However your account will not earn interest on those days when the collected balance is less than $5,000.

Easy access. You can access your account by check****, in person at any Mountain Valley Bank office,





Earn a preferred rate on collected balances of $2,500 or more. Earn our regular money market savings rate on collected balances less than $2,500.*

You can add money to your account or withdraw funds in any amount at any time. Access your account by check****, in person at any Mountain Valley Bank office, or handle your transactions at any Mountain Valley Bank. There is a $5.00 service charge in months when the ledger balance falls below $1,000 and a charge of $2.50 per withdraw over six per statement period.





Mountain Valley Bank pays competitive rates on CDs.**** Terms are available to meet your needs.

Your investment is insured up to $250,000 per depositor by the FDIC. Call or see a Mountain Valley Bank Personal Banker for more information.

A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal





Save money regularly and safely with Mountain Valley Bank’s Regular Savings account. Deposit money or withdraw your funds in any amount at your convenience. Make your transactions in person at any Mountain Valley Bank office. Or use a Mountain Valley Check Card to handle your deposits, withdrawals, transfers or balance inquiries at any Mountain Valley Bank ATM machine. You can also get cash at more than 30,000 ATMs around the country.*

With a minimum balance of $200.00 there is no monthly maintenance charge; however, when the balance drops below $200 there is a monthly maintenance charge is $2.50. There is no service charge for the first six withdrawals in a month.  After that, there is a service charge of 50 cents for each withdrawal over six in a month.

As a special feature to individuals under age 18, there is no monthly maintenance charge of $2.50.  All other fees apply.





It pays to save with Mountain Valley Bank! By having a “relationship checking” feature, you pay no monthly service charge by keeping the following:

Minimum Balance Checking

Maintain $1,000 in a Mountain Valley Bank Regular Savings Account, you pay no monthly service charge.

Mountain Valley Plus Account

Keep $5,000 or more in any combination of these accounts: the Mountain Valley Plus Account, Regular Savings, Money Market Accounts** or Certificates of Deposit**** and you pay no monthly service charge.

Ambassador 50 Account

Keep $10,000 or more in any combination of these accounts: Mountain Valley Checking account, Regular Savings, Money Market Accounts,** and/or Certificates of Deposit*** and you pay no monthly service charge.

Ask your personal banker for details.

The “collected balance” on accounts is derived after all transactions have been posted to the account. The collected balance reflects only those funds which have been collected by us.

***Subject to regulatory limitations. Ask for details.

****Penalty for early withdrawal on CDs.

*A foreign ATM fee applies to all transactions at ATMs that are not Mountain Valley Bank ATMs regardless of account type. All transactions at Mountain Valley Bank ATMs are free.

§Accounts Qualifying for "Relationship Checking" benefits are those on which the depositor is the primary account holder.  Some Restrictions apply.


For information about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) call any of our Personal Bankers