Let Mountain Valley Bank Help You!

There are few business owners who do not recognize the
need to accept credit card transactions for their businesses to be successful.  Your business probably has a number of payment processing options, but none of those options can offer what we can--the peace of mind of dealing with their own bank and the superior support we provide at MOUNTAIN VALLEY BANK.

MOUNTAIN VALLEY BANK will help you tailor a merchant program for your business with solutions for your retail, e-commerce and mail order business customers.  We offer processing for all major payment types available--from major credit cards to debit, phone, internet and gift card solutions.

Because of how we administer our program, costs are better controlled and help qualify all transactions for the best possible Visa and MasterCard interchange rates, thus keeping your merchant rates competitive.

MOUNTAIN VALLEY BANK will provide the training and support your business needs to make your merchant payment processing program successful -- it is what makes MOUNTAIN VALLEY BANK unique.


  • Step-by-step training and simple 
    point-of-sale procedures to assist 
    merchants with daily operations.
  • Product support from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
    Monday through Friday, and 7 am to
    11 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays.
  • Website design or upgrade for all
    merchants processing with us.

From application to implementation, 
Mountain Valley Bank
will provide your business with tools
that allow you to excel at attracting new customers
by assisting you in marketing your business 
to a wider audience..